Programs Offered

  • Traditional Appalachian Jack Tales

    Mountain Jack Tales is a 200 year old tradition that was passed down through word of mouth by the family of the Hicks, Harmons, and Wards who came from England and Germany and finally settled in Banner Elk, North Carolina in the 1700’s. Ted Hicks, son of storyteller master Ray Hicks learned the stories from his father by word of mouth and Vixi Jil learned these Jack Tales by studying at the feet of the master, Ted Hicks.

  • Fairytales and Legends by Hans Christian Anderson

       A personal favorite of Vixi’s, Hans Christian Anderson’s stories teach us that we can overcome many obstacles and rise above them. The        Ugly Duckling was, after all, a really beautiful swan


Quote- “I believe that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason for you to come into our lives. When Daddy ‘Ray Hicks’died, Ted caught the spirit and began telling the old Jack Tales just like Daddy. And when Ted died, Vixi, you caught the spirit. And I believe that it’s your job to keep these old stories alive”.

~Dorothy Jean Hicks, daughter of Ray and Rosa Hicks.

  • Motivational Speaker with the Vanishing Wheelchair The Vanishing Wheelchair is “making disability disappear” by working with people with disabilities to help them find their unique place in the world and to change the world’s view of disabled people by sharing their inspirational stories, to provide entertainment,  education, and inspiration to children of all ages in the hope that each will obtain his or her God given 

  • A Long Tall Tale

        Travel with Vixi across America as we forge west. Meet characters such as Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and Johnny Appleseed. Meet              bigfoot and his family, Paul Bunyan, Babe the blue ox, and many others.

  • The Golden Apple (myth)

        Join Vixi as she tells the story of the Golden Apple, a Greek myth that begins on the top of Mt. Olympious as Eros the goddess of strife             and discord sparks a vanity fueled dispute among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite that eventually leads to the Trojan war.

  • The life and adventures of Finn McCool (myth)

       Finn McCool was a great warrior and hunter of the Finnian Cycle in Irish mythology. Come along with Vixi as she takes you back to                  Medieval Ireland and she will tell you of the Life and Adventures of Finn McCool.

  • Cherokee Myths

        Born in The Appalachian Mountains, Cherokee myths are the original stories that flowed out of the veins of this land. Sit with Vixi as she         tells you some of the Cherokee myths she has grown to know and love throughout her lifetime in the mountains of WNC.

  • Biblical Storytelling

       “Be of good cheer” as Vixi shares stories about the greatest storyteller who ever lived, Jesus. Each story will help you better understand         some of the gifts that Jesus was sent here to share with us.



Vixi is also a wedding officiant!  Use the contact page to book her for your wedding or for any of the programs listed above.



See what a story can do...


"Vixi and her daughter, Kelti, have been a wonderful asset to “Magic, Mirth & Meaning,” a monthly fundraiser for The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity (


They have brought all the elements listed in the name of the show, on and off stage, to such an extent,

that I don’t see how the show could continue with the same depth

without them. – T.J. Shimeld, President and Co-founder of The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc."


"Vixi Jil Glenn is an inspiring storyteller!  She has visited our school numerous times and has told wondrous

stories from fairy and Jack tales to Cherokee stories.  She knows how to captivate everyone from the

youngest child to teens.  Our teachers were quite pleased with her knowledge of the Common Core and

what type of stories each grade level would be most interested in hearing.  Vixi is a warm and delightful

teller of tales, has a wide range of stories to tell, and is fun, especially when she includes her

audience in the tales themselves!  "

~ Caryn Levy, Media Specialist Leicester Elementary School