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Appalachian Faerie Folk School


“Faeries skipping in the wind, wee folk all around me, gnomes splashing down by the stream, this magic that astounds me. Rushing breeze, a sylph flies by, mermaids in the water, pixies dancing round mushroom rings, eyes flickering in the fire. Voices sing out to my heartbeat, calling me into the dance. My spirit flies out of my body, ready to take a chance. I prance around in a frenzy, my brow streaming rivers of sweat. Splashing the flowers and grasses and leaves, a dance I shall never forget.” ~Vixi Jil Glenn

Storyteller Vixi Jil weaves together original and ancient faerie tales, enchanted walkabouts and personal accounts to help guide folks into explorations of discovery in the etheric realms and the magical world of faeries, elves, devas, brownies, gnomes, mermaids and all sorts of wonderful enchantments.


Use the contact page to request information on the next Appalachian Faerie Folk School.


*Girl Scouts- every girl scout that participates in the WNC Faerie Folk School may receive one of three faerie enchanted badges: the Magical Faerie, Enchanted Garden, and Enchanted Forest- great for spiral scouts as well.

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