"...she leaves you wondering if this was simply a story or something real she had witnessed first hand – and you yearn to see the world through her sparkly glasses."

- Sherry Lovett

Vixi Jil Glenn has a passion and commitment to storytelling that continues to blossom.  I am delighted to be her teacher - she was born to do this! Connie Regan Blake, Storyteller and Author


"Vixi Jil tells stories from a heart that lives and breaths storytelling.  She doesn’t just tell faerie tales, she lives them and they simply come through her. Her Jack tales are lively and in the fashion of the Hick's legacy! " ~Sherry Lovett,  Director of Toe River Storytelling Festival


Vixi, that was the best version of Jack and the Varmints I ever heard.

                                                                    ~Barbara Freeman, Storyteller and Author


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Story Magic

We have all made a wish. Or dreamed a dream. Or played make believe. Or hoped that magic and faeries were real.  


Even as grown ups we encounter times where a little magic would be a wonderful thing.


Stories are magic. They can heal. Make you laugh. Take you to far away places. Make the truth not so painful. 


Vixi Jil Glenn carries the sparkle and magic of story wherever she goes. 

Vixi presents, A Jack Tale by Jil, at the Hicks Family Fundraiser in Asheville, NC. Introduction by

Connie Regan Blake.